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Olivia K. – 3/3/2011 Alexandria, VA
Our 9 year old daughter has worked with “Miss Dee Dee” for over a year and it has been an extremely successful and positive experience. Diedre Dennis is clearly knowledgeable and experienced, but what has been most impressive to us is her creativity. She arrives at our doorstep with her magic bag of favorite games & activities, always adding a personal touch so as to connect the activity with our daughter. From creating Harry Potter board games, shopping mall scavenger hunt games, funny storytelling, and personal sound recordings. Diedre’s imagination and clever ability to mask a speech therapy project into a fun game has made our daughter ALWAYS look forward to her speech sessions.

Of equal importance to us is that Diedre is affirming and instructive, helping our daughter understand the many pieces of speech articulation (on her level) and feel good about the progress she is making.  Her session notes are extremely thorough and helps us, as parents, refer back to what exercises have been covered and how our daughter’s speech is developing. Diedre’s flexibility and understanding of family schedules has made this such an easy and rewarding partnership.

Melissa G. – 9/3/2010 Lutz, FL
My family highly recommends Miss Dennis. My son was stuttering in Kindergarten and I didn’t know what to do or who to see about it. Most teachers and doctors told me he would just grow out of it. However, it got much worse. I found Miss Dennis through the Stuttering Foundation of America. She spent time with me on the phone and was quick to set up an appointment for an evaluation. My son was instantly comfortable with her. She is one of those people who has a way with children that make them feel at ease. She saw my son every week for one year before we moved out of state. She would come to our house, which was so convenient with my other children.

The one hour sessions were so fun that he looked forward to them every week. My son still uses the tools that she taught him today! Miss Dennis is very reliable, organized, caring, knowledgeable, and has truly been given a gift to work with children.